Blue Guitar Studio Lessons

Whether you're looking to be the next big rock star on the music scene, want to get into theory and technique, or simply want to be able to strum some songs around the campfire, Blue Guitar Studio is your go-to for guitar, bass and drum lessons for all levels and ages!


Guitar Lessons

At Blue Guitar Studio, Paul Lambert offers guitar lessons in Vancouver and Burnaby for students of all levels. Whether you're just starting out are are at an advanced level, Paul will customize your lesson to suit your needs.


Bass Lessons

Interested in learning how to play the bass guitar? Blue Guitar Studio also offers bass lessons in Vancouver and Burnaby studio locations!


Drum Lessons

If you've always wanted to play the drums, you've come to the right place. Learn to play drums at Blue Guitar Studio's Vancouver location.


Banjo Lessons

Learn to play this unique bluegrass instrument at Blue Guitar Studio! Paul offers banjo lessons in both studio locations. 


Mandolin Lessons

If you're looking to play a stringed instrument, why not give the mandolin a try! Mandolin lessons are offered at both the Vancouver and Burnaby locations of Blue Guitar Studio.


Vocal Lessons

As an active vocalist and recording artist, Paul specializes is rock and pop vocals. Learn how to use and train your voice at Blue Guitar Studio, build your vocal confidence and start singing now!