Vancouver Guitar Lessons

At Blue Guitar Studio, Paul offers guitar lessons to students of all levels and ages, developing customized lesson plans for students. Paul is an experienced music instructor with degrees in music from McGill University and a Berklee College of Music affiliate. He has been providing guitar lessons in Vancouver and Burnaby for over 10 years.

What are some specific ways I can help you develop as a guitarist?

Beginner/Intermediate Lessons:

  • Information on buying the right guitar, amp, and other gear
  • Learn how to tune and take care of your instrument
  • Get started playing your favourite songs!
  • Learn the proper technique and avoiding building bad habits
  • Learn all of the open chords positions and barre chords
  • Learn speed and agility exercises
  • Give you strategies on moving from chord to chord in a more economical way
  • Develop a better understanding of rhythm and how strumming patterns work
  • Work on your ability to sing and play simultaneously
  • Develop your inner songwriter
  • Record and produce your songs
  • Video recordings of each lesson for reference at home
  • Learn how to read and write traditional notation or tablature

Intermediate/Advanced Lessons:

  • Preparation for music exams and college entrance auditions
  • Expand your music theory and learn how to analyze songs you already know
  • Develop your ear training and begin to learn songs by ear
  • Develop your sight reading skills
  • Learn more advanced chord voicings including inversions, 7th chords, and suspended chords
  • Learn how to connect positions of the pentatonic scale and play over the entire neck
  • Note naming exercises to memorize all the notes on the fretboard
  • Develop your soloing and improvising through scale, chord and arpeggio exercises
  • Advanced solo techniques: economy picking, sweep picking, bending, sliding, legato, harmonics
  • Learn how to utilize the different modes of major and minor


  • Pro Tools, Logic or music producing, arranging, composing, writing and stage performance.