Vancouver Bass Lessons

How Our BAss Guitar LEssons HELp You Develop As A Musician

Beginner/Intermediate BAss Lessons:

  • Information on buying the right bass guitar, amp, and other gear
  • Learn how to tune and take care of your instrument
  • Learn the proper technique and avoiding building bad habits
  • Learn how to play pick style bass and finger style bass
  • Get started playing your favourite bass riffs!
  • Learn speed and agility exercises
  • Intro to slap bass (ala flea red hot chill peppers)
  • Develop a better understanding of rhythm and how the bass fits in the arrangement of songs
  • Work on the ability to sing and play bass simultaneously
  • Develop your inner songwriter
  • Record and produce your songs
  • Video recordings of each lesson for reference at home
  • Learn how to read and write traditional notation or tablature

Intermediate/Advanced Bass Lessons:

  • Preparation for music exams and college entrance auditions
  • Provide an understanding of music theory and how it can be used in a practical way
  • Develop your ear training and begin to learn songs by ear
  • Develop your sight reading skills
  • Learn how to create your own walking bass lines
  • Learn how to connect positions of the pentatonic, man, min scale and play across the fretboard
  • Note naming exercises to memorize the notes on the fretboard
  • Develop your soloing and improvising through scale, chord and arpeggio knowledge
  • Advanced solo techniques: economy picking, slap bass, bending, sliding, legato, harmonics
  • Learn how to utilize the different modes of major and minor
  • Improvising over more advanced chord changes


  • Pro Tools, Logic or music producing, arranging, composing, writing and stage performance.