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Paul Lambert Vancouver Musician

Between teaching guitar lessons Paul manages to find time to write and record as a solo artist. Prior to his solo career, Paul was the frontman for the critically acclaimed Vancouver band, City Walls.

About Paul Lambert Music

Paul Lambert makes a striking return to the Vancouver music landscape after a hiatus as City Walls frontman—this time as a solo artist with a new direction and focus on his craft.

Breaking musical ground after years fronting acclaimed CFOX Seeds winner Louder Than Love and its incarnation City Walls, Lambert now ventures beyond the parameters of the collective and forges an uncharted path as a solo artist, showcasing broader artistic boundaries and vision while still maintaining a consistent identity. For Lambert, his new album Sweet Relief is the culmination of his creative skills, honed over years of writing and performing.

This record pushes the limits of Lambert’s voice, songwriting and other skills gained from working with renowned producers Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace, Finger 11) and most recently Ben Kaplan (Mother Mother, Hedley). It is this mix of creativity and risk that pushes Lambert’s work to new heights.

Paul Lambert eagerly awaits the promising future that beckons—one that is focused both on breaking new ground and forging onward boldly in his new role as a solo artist.

Praise for Paul Lambert

“Paul Lambert is a consummate front man, offering compelling songwriting, searing guitar work  and vocals that stand up to some of the best in the Hard/Progressive Rock genres. ”
– Wildy’s World

“With any band, it begins and ends with great songs. Louder Than Love  has been able to standout and prove they can stand above the rest.”
– Chris “Dunner” Duncombe, CFOX Program Director

“Can I just say that I love this album [Engines]? It’s got an amazing rock vibe and the lyrics sound very thought out and meaningful… The voice of the lead singer and guitarist [Paul Lambert] is a perfect match with the music and he delivers the lyrics perfectly. Melodically, the album reaches into the rock genre, but it also pulls out and can have a softer tone as well.”
– Canadian Beats

“It would be an added bonus if you had this [Engines] in your collection of music beside the greats like Pink Floyd (in a progressive band way), The Doobie Brothers (in its musical instrumentation) and Mother Mother (in lyrical depth and live show development).”